Friday, May 14, 2010

Today is the day!

5:30 am I opened my eyes and instantly my brain was super-processing. The first thing that came up was, "today is the day". What the heck is the meaning of that? Yes today is another day but is today my day? I then proceeded to get ready for work trying to figure out the answer to the question. I arrived at work and it hit me again "today is the day"... I sat back and thought ..hmmm is it our anniversary? hmmm, is it my kids birthday?... no... I have yet to figure out what my mind is telling me so I will just have to settle for asking my wife out on a date to Iron Man, maybe that might be it. A date night has to be the answer! Oh and just in case I bought a powerball ticket. LOL

Thursday, May 13, 2010



This is the official start to my blogging..
I am now starting this because I have noticed my family is growing at an alarming rate and I don't want to miss it all. My son Killian will be 2 years old in two weeks and my baby girl Parker is a couple days away from 2 months old. This is strange because if someone were to ask me 5 years ago where I thought I might be..... It for sure wouldn't be where I am now. I am grateful of what has progressed in my life, but wonder how the time is flying by so fast.
Today Killian and I washed the family car together and magically when we finished the ice cream man drove down the street. Killian's eyes lit up and he yelled ice keem' inside I wanted to say no but when you look into a 2 year olds eyes and see the sheer enjoyment for a beat up vehicle that plays music and gives candy. How could I decline?

Im out for now and more of my awesome randomness will come in the near future.